Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Dear little one,

I dreamt about you last night. I dreamt about your sweet toothless smile and your precious face looking back at me. I dreamt about daddy holding you for the first time and the look of complete awe and enamourment on his face. I dreamt about you and your every ounce of perfection... And now, some how I am even more excited to meet you.

You've been in my tummy for 31 weeks now, which only leaves us with 2 more months until we get to hold you. Sometimes I complain about my sore ribs and disappearing belly button, but pregnancy really is a miraculous thing. How can I possibly love someone so much that I havent even met yet?

We laugh that your kicks have evolved from little flutters to a literal {and sometimes painful!} bouncing of my stomach. Sometimes your kicks keep me up at night and other times, they wake me up in the morning... But I don't mind because I like knowing you're ok in there.

Lately we've finished quite a few projects, but we still have lots more to do and lots more to get. Daddy says he doesn't mind if you live in your diaper all the time, but mommy knows you will want to look cute. I don't know how we are going to get you everything you need while still keeping up with our many other expenses, but we'll figure it out. I suppose what you need most is love, and that we can give you, sweet girl. We are ready to give that to you and everything else that we have to give.

We already love you so much and we are so honored to have you as a part of our family.