Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daddy's Girl


Happy Father's day! I am still in complete and utter awe that we have a two year old... Can you believe it? Sometimes I look at her and can't comprehend my utter and complete love for her and her vibrant personality, sassy nature, intelligence, curiosity, and beauty. We are so very lucky to have such an all-star for a daughter. It has been such a delight the past year to see Vera grow and develop her own personality.

The older she gets, the more of you I see in her. Vera has inherited your keen intelligence, uncontrollable curiosity, and her loving nature. Her blonde hair and lips that are a carbon copy of yours. She loves you so much. Thank for the time you carve out for her, from the park dates, library time, daddy-donut-daughter dates, learning letters time, and Despicable Me movie dates. She is truly one lucky girl to have you as her daddy.

I am and forever will be so grateful that you, are Vera's dad. Happy Father's day!