Monday, May 14, 2012

Lessons Learned

One of the fun things about having a new baby is experiencing so many "firsts" with her, no matter how small they may be. Starting with her first breaths and moving onward to her first bath and even her first diaper change... Each new experience is exciting and somehow seems so monumental. The only problem with all of these "firsts" is that for a first-time mom these firsts can be rather scary

...Ok, maybe more like terrifying.

As a result, I've learned that with each "first" that Vera experiences, we as her parents, experience a rather interesting turn of events.

ie. The first bath. Mom gives Vera a bath without daddy's help for the first time... And trips over the two tubs of dirty soap water, consequently spilling both tubs all over her freshly cleaned carpet.

ie. The first diaper disaster. Mom is in the process of changing a dirty diaper when she learned the very important lesson that something should ALWAYS be under that cute little bum... You know, just in case baby Vee can't hold it in any longer. Mommy shared these words of wisdom with daddy, only for him to make the same mistake 2 days later.

ie. The first stroller walk. Mom and Dad excitedly take Vera on out her first stroller walk, only to realize 1.5 miles later that she is tired and hungry. And there's no where to discretely nurse her. And then it starts raining. And then Mommy feels defeated and Daddy comforts her all the way home.

Lesson Learned: Don't forget about the walk home

ie. The first outing. We decide to go deliver "thank you" treats to our sweet nurses with baby in tow... When we get back to the parking garage with a very cranky and hungry baby, we frantically call security because we are certain that our car has either been stolen or towed... Well, looks like we just got the parking levels mixed up.

ie. Always be prepared to Nurse... Anywhere. Then, when we actually find our "stolen" car, we try and collapse our stroller to put into the trunk. Only problem is, we can't remember how to collapse the dang thing... And the instruction manual is sitting at home. 20 minutes of trying {and an in-the-car nursing session later} we figure it out.

Oh dear... I'm starting to notice a common theme here. Most of these first-time flops start with "Mom". But the good news is, I'm trying my hardest to be a good mother to our sweet Vera and I'm loving every minute of it... Even if it means experiencing a few (a lot) of bumps along the way.

I know it may not seem like it after this post, but I really do feel like I've found my calling in life. My motherhood instincts have kicked into full gear and I feel like I'm finally really good at something... Even if it just consists of  feeding, changing, and loving our little nugget. I feel so lucky to be Vera's Mommy, though I'm finding she has a lot more to teach me than I have to teach her. Funny the way that works out, isn't it?