Thursday, January 3, 2013

9 Months Young

9 Months... Really?! How did we get here already? Time with this little one really does fly by. I can't believe my Vera is already crawling, pulling herself up, walking with assistance, and feeding herself... Or at least attempting to feed herself. A lot has happened, so I thought I better give a little update for all those concerned Grandma's out there.

Lately I cannot keep up with the nugget. She is constantly curious and wanting to explore everything through her mouth and her grabby fists. She loves to stick her hand in my mouth and she longs for a delicious meal of notebook paper and power cords. It seriously amazes me how she instantly knows to crawl towards {or eat!} the most dangerous thing in a given room... And of course, it gives me a heart attack every.single.time.

Other developments. First, Vera learned how to give kisses... Big, open mouth, slobbery kisses. They are the most delicious and wonderful little smooches ever. Second, Vee started saying "Mamamama" which of course, makes my heart melt... Over and over again. I always knew I was her favorite. Or perhaps I have just brainwashed her. Either way, that little noise is to-die-for.

Other favorites... Vera loves to play on her little piano, ride her mini-motorcycle, and chew on Mama's phone case. Vera is growing more and more hair, her eyes are still blue, and she's still sporting a very gummy grin. Vera is a well-behaved and baby who is happy as long as she gets in her nap and meal times. Speaking of which, she will eat anything, but her favorites are green beans, bananas, and puffs. Oh those puffs... Life savers!

My life with Vee is so rich and full love and laughter. Vera has taught me so much about keeping perspective and enjoying life as journey, instead of a series of tasks. We are all so happy together, as a little family and as best friends. I feel so truly blessed to be Vera's mother and in this fun stage of exploration, discovery, and life. 

Thanks for being such a little cutie, Vera. I love you, so much.