Friday, May 2, 2014

Closet Organization Tips

Today I am sharing a look into my closet and some organization tips that I like to implement to make my closet a place of order and accessibility!

Tip 1: Matching Hangers

My first tip is to have matching hangers. I know that may seem a little OCD, but if you are going for a closet that looks good, well, having matching hangers is an important place to start. I love these non-slip velvet hangers that I found at Costco and Bed Bath & Beyond because they are thinner and maximize my closet space. 

Also, in regard to hangers, I think it's important to make sure there is a fair amount of space between each hanger and that your stuff isn't just crammed in there! If your clothing is stuffed into your closet it will be more difficult for you to see what you have and what your options are. I know we can't magically make our closets bigger, but perhaps you can fold some sweaters or t-shirts to make room for more hanging space. Also, be sure to de-junk your closet often so that clothes you  don't like or that don't fit aren't crowding up your space!

Tip 2: Color Coordinate.

This one is a no-brainer... Color coordinate! I feel it is an absolute must to color-coordinate. It makes everything look so much better! I also like to group my items by sleeve-length and by type of item.. ie. I group all my skirts together and color-coordinate within that category.... See more on that below.

Tip 3: If You're Tight on Closet Space... Fold those Jeans!

My next tip is to fold your jeans and casual pants instead of hanging them up. I haven't always done it this way, but I've recently learned how awesome it is to have more hanging space for skirts, tops, and dresses (without jeans and pants crowding my space.) Plus, I feel like it's easier to just grab a pair of pants and go! I fold and stack my pants according to how much I wear them. I put my most-worn and most-loved pants at the top of the stack for easy access! My one exception to this rule is to keep nicer pants hanging if wrinkling is at all an issue!

Tip 4: Organize by Sleeve-Length and by Item-Type

I like to group similar items in my closet so they are easier to find. Before I did it this way, I found that my tank tops would always get lost in the middle of everything else. In case you are curious, I group my clothing into these categories:

1) ALL tank tops grouped together. THEN...  2) tops by color  (and then by sleeve-length) 3) pants by color 4) skirts by color 5) dresses by color 6) long coats by color

Tip 5: Shoe Storage

I organize my heels and boots according to color on the built-in shelves above and beside my clothing racks. I love that this keeps my shoes out of the way but I can still see what my options are. I know a lot of people are big fans of the over-the-door shoe organizers but those just drive me crazy because I can't shut my door quite right and it makes everything look so crowded.

So instead of the over-the-door shoe organizers, I like to put command hooks on my closet doors to organize my crossbody purses that are small and light. Oh, and one more tip when it comes to organizating shoes... I keep a magazine rolled up in my boot legs to keep them structured and standing up. Not only does it save space but it also keeps your boots looking nicer longer! I also keep my favorite flats on the floor of my closet so I can just slip them on as I run out the door!

This post could be a novel but here are just a few tips to get you started. I like to make my closet as beautiful as a place that it can be so I can feel inspired and have peace of mind as I am getting dressed. Best of luck organizating, my friends!