Wednesday, November 26, 2014

All About Interiors

Today I am collaborating with one of my all-time favorite brands, Haute Hippie to share a few peeks into my home as well as a Q&A, all about one of my greatest passions, interior design! 

Where do you find your home inspiration?

Can I just be totally cliche' and say Pinterest? Yes, I've definitely pinned an embarrassing amount of beautiful rooms and impeccably designed homes that seem too perfect to even be real. A few years ago these pins only depressed me but once we started building our first home and I was able to look back on all that I had been pinning and was able to clearly see and understand my personal design style. I then used my Pinterest boards as an organizational tool to keep track of the furniture I wanted to purchase and the rooms I wanted to recreate. It's great to know all of the hours we've spent on Pinterest can actually amount to something, right?!

How does  your personal style translate into the style of your home?

Let's just say it's a pretty clear and direct translation! I define my personal style as clean, sophisticated, and classic with a twist, just as the style of my home is. I love injecting both my home and my outfits with luxurious textures, patterns, and just a hint of metallics. My design aesthetic is all about the details.

What fashion trends are making their way into your home?

In the past couple of years I feel that white, gold, and a little bit of sparkle has really made a statement in the fashion world and has in turn, found it's way into my home! I'm a complete sucker for all things textured and glamorous!

What home accessories do you think everyone should have in their home?

A few inspiring and beautiful coffee table books, a gallery wall to display some of your favorite art pieces and photographs, and some luxurious throw pillows to warm up and add interest to a space!

How do you keep organized and neat?

If you follow my blog then you know... I am a complete organization freak. My husband says I need to be on the show for people who are opposite from those on "Hoarders." I get such joy and satisfaction from maintaining a clean and organized home. A very simple tip I have for those wanting to stay organized is to simply put things away when you are done using them. It seems simple but it avoids all sorts of messes and piles down the road! I organize things once and then I maintain it.

What is your favorite spot in your home and why?

I love my living room because it's a place my family gathers and spends time together in the evening... It's warm, inviting, and calm.

Check out Haute Hippie's Global Nomad blog  for more!


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