Sunday, April 30, 2017


To my Vera Rae, 

5 years ago today you entered the world. You were teeny tiny and perfect as can be! From that day forward, you've been my greatest joy and my little "Rae" sunshine. Vera, your loving essence and sweet spirit has brightened my every day and filled my life with love, laughter, companionship, purpose, and meaning. Even through life's most trying and difficult times, you've been my constant source of light, joy, and hope. 

Vera, I am amazed at your strength. Life is especially tough for you right now but you face these challenges with a fortitude and an awareness that is beyond your years. I always tell you that it is ok be sad, to cry, to be angry— and yet you remain so brave. You face every day, every transition, and every goodbye with such strength and resilience. I wish I could protect you from the pain of divorce and the loss that comes from a family broken. My heart hurts for you, sweet girl. However, I could not be more proud or impressed by the way you have handled it all. 

Despite all opposition, you live your life with the most loving and giving heart. You are so eager to please and you spread joy everywhere you go. Most of your free time is spent writing letters and drawing pictures for those you love. When we play outside, you like to search for “treasure” and special rocks to give to others. At the grocery store, you ask me if you can hand out the stickers by the register to other children. When I am bogged down with work, you bring me pictures and shiny rocks and quietly place them next to my computer.

What a privilege it is to be the mother of such a loving and special girl. 

My sweet Vera, I am forever grateful for you, your pure heart, and the fullness you bring to my life. You are my best friend, my greatest joy, my entire world. I love you, today and always. I will always be your mommy, and you will always be my girl. 

All my love,