Thursday, May 11, 2017

Dear Daughter

Sweet girl,

Today is one of those days I felt extra lucky to be your Mom. You tiptoed into my room this morning, crawled into my bed, and woke me with your sweet snuggles. 

"Wake up mommy! Today is muffins for moms!"

You've been preparing for today all week. Last night you laid out your favorite pink puffy dress and your sparkly silver bow. You put on perfume, chapstick, and asked me to blow dry your hair. We got ready in my bathroom together and you were delightful and loving in every way. 

When we arrived at your school, you grabbed my hand as we walked into your classroom. You led me to your table and with a big grin said, "Mommy close your eyes!"

With great pride you carefully handed me the priceless treasures that you created, just for me; your mom. 

A handmade frame with your beautiful picture, the sweetest poem overlaying your little handprint, a laminated placemat with a drawing of our family, and a darling questionnaire, "All About My Mom."

As I looked at your sweet gifts, my eyes filled with tears and my heart with gratitude and love for you; my daughter. We exchanged the tightest and longest hug. I held you close and gently swayed side to side as I did when you were a baby.  

"Oh Vera, You are my girl. You are my world."

I continued to hold you as we waited in line for our muffins. When it was our turn, you chose a chocolate chip muffin and ran to your seat. I made a cup of coffee and made  my way to your table. There, I saw you quietly sitting and waiting to eat your muffin until I sat down, too. 

You hopped out of your seat when you saw me, crawled onto my lap, and helped me put the sugar  my coffee. You happily chattered away about your classroom and friends as we ate. Then with a smile and chocolate covered hands, you handed me your last strawberry. You know they're my favorite. 

As I wiped the chocolate chips from your precious little hands and from your sweet face, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be; where I was meant to be. In that moment of stillness, I looked right into your eyes and you looked right back at me. Without saying a word, we both knew everything was going to be ok.